Semalt Suggests The Ways To Block Sharebutton Referral Spam

Has Sharebutton fake referral domain been polluting your Google Analytics statistics? You need not worry. Stay calm. referral spam makes it look like a good number of real visitors have been landing on your website.

Fake referral spam has been affecting websites since 2015. However, Sharebutton Google Analytics is considered as one of the old-timer domains that are still polluting GA data in the content marketing sector.

According to pros, Sharebutton referral spam targets on affecting GA accounts directly. To grab online users attention, spammers and attackers are using metrics such as a key phrase, visitors, bounce rates, fake web pages, and injection of bogus traffic and links on websites.

If you recently identified that most of your traffic comes from Sharebutton referral spam, consider working on how to eliminate Google Analytics spam as you are already a subject to spammers. According to SEO experts, Sharebutton sneaks into websites using modified URL words such as button and share.

To know whether Sharebutton Google Analytics spam has been playing a part in your spiking traffic, Andrew Dyhan, a top expert from Semalt, advises to copy the URL address of this referral spam and paste it in the address box to identify the destination of a website.

How Sharebutton spam works

Sharebutton does not affect the rankings of a website in any way. This Google Analytics spam works on driving traffic to affiliates and their respective websites. However, it is not advisable to track down the path or open scripts as this fake referral spam comprises of malicious codes that can sneak malware and malicious threats to your website.

Opening scripts will end up giving access to hackers who can easily access your social media platforms accounts, passwords, and other financial credentials.

However, there is no room for panic if you downloaded any content from recently. Only install a comprehensive anti-malware and execute a full scan to detect whether your website is affected by malware.

How to block referral spam from your GA reports

Procedure 1. Change your filter pattern settings

  • Start your GA account and click on 'Admin' section.
  • Select on 'All Filters' icon and create a new filter.
  • Open the 'Filter Name' box and type-out ''
  • Set 'Custom Filter' as your filter type and select 'Campaign Source' from the 'Filter Field' menu.
  • Click on the 'Filter Pattern' field, enter Sharebutton Google Analytics spam, and click on 'Save' button.

Procedure 2. Change your HTTP settings

  • Open your cPanel account and login.
  • Selec the 'File Manager' and click on the 'Document Root' for your site.
  • Tap the 'Show Hidden Files' button and select 'Go.'
  • After locating any .htaccess file, right click and tap on 'Code Edit' and click on 'Save.'

Procedure 3. Modify your GA language filter

  • Login to your Google Analytics account and select on 'Admin Tab.'
  • Open the 'View' icon and add a new filter.
  • Type-out 'Language Spam' in the name box.
  • Click on 'Verify Filter' icon and tap on the 'Save' button.

The above-highlighted procedures work on all referral domains such as Sharebutton Google Analytics spam. Obtain clear and accurate statistics by excluding Sharebutton referral field by changing your filter pattern, HTTP settings, and modifying your language filter. Don't wait until your computer starts to slow down.